Candice and her kids

Candice Juarez

Music Educator

Candice Juarez was born and raised in Arcadia, California, and has been performing on stage in some musical capacity or another from the early age of 3 years old. Music was always playing in the house while she was growing up. Her mother and father were constantly listening to Broadway musicals, and as a consequence, Candice knew the words by heart to every famous Broadway tune and would happily sing along. So, naturally, when she was 9, she auditioned for and won the lead role in the Salt Lake City production of “Annie,” in which she starred for 3 months. It was a dream come true and is a continued source of delight for her and her family.

Throughout her elementary and high school years, she continued to perform in musical theatre in a variety of productions, including such shows as “Peter Pan” and Oklahoma,” as well as audition for (and land) parts in various television commercials.

In college, in large part due to her love of children, Candice chose to get her BS degree in Elementary Education and followed that up with a Master's Degree in Teaching. She is a veteran teacher of 17 years and has taught every grade from kindergarten through fifth grade. She loves working wth young children and loves to incorporate music and singing (and dancing!) into whatever class or subject she is teaching.

At present, she is teaching music classes for Burbank Parks & Recreation Department, raising four beautiful children along with her loving husband (whom she met swing dancing, and which they still enjoy very much). Needless to say she is a busy mom!

Candice is incredibly excited to be teaching in Burbank's Park & Recreation program and is happy to instill the love and joy of music and movement to others that she had received - and loved - as a child.

Fun music and movement for you and your little one!