Kids of all sizes and ages love to play with muscal instruments.

Music and Me Classes & Registration

There are two ways to enjoy Music and Me classes.

You can join us in person by signing up through Burbank Park and Recreation Department at (click on the "Parent and Child Classes" option), or you can email Miss Candice at for access to her online video collections, featuring two sessions-worth of videos and songs you and your little one(s) can dance and sing along to.

It is scientifically proven that early exposure to music and musical training helps children to be better, more focused students, and that teaching your child rhythm and to keep an accurate beat improves language skills.

The fun class structure also provides and environment in which your child can develop their social skills, through group participation, turn-taking, and other class-related activities, preparing them in a fun way for the long haul (school)!

The songs used in our sessions - along with the movements and/or instrument playing accompanying each song - are carefully chosen not just to be fun, but also educational, and assist in the development of your child's cognitive and creative abilities.

I have some great songs planned for Summer. You won't want to miss this bonding time with your little one!

Fun music and movement for you and your little one!